4 Great Benefits Of Botox® Treatment Available From London City Skin Clinic

Botox® Treatment

Wrinkles are a seemingly unavoidable part of ageing.  As we mature, our skin becomes less elastic, drier and thinner.  Skin loses the ability to protect itself against damage and that is why once you reach a certain age you have the all too familiar lines, creases and wrinkles on your skin, which is particularly noticeable on your face.

It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression, and having a more youthful, revitalised appearance can boost confidence and improve professional performance, both at work and in social situations.

Although wrinkles are not worrying, they do make you look and then in turn feel older than you really want.  There are many different creams and surgical procedures that have been developed to help; however Botox® is probably the most commonly available and popular non-surgical wrinkle treatment.  London City Skin Clinic is a bespoke Dr led service in Harley St. London, and offers as part of its comprehensive range of skin-related services, Botox® treatment. London is not the only location though, as there is also a clinic in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire if you are looking for a more local clinic for treatment with the same quality as Harley St.

As it does involve injections being applied to the muscles in your face, it is entirely natural for you to have some reservations about whether Botox® treatment is right for you or not.  This is why, to help you make that decision, we have put together a list of the most compelling benefits of going forward with the treatment.

Non-Surgical And Non-Invasive

Botox® treatment does not require any surgery and therefore you do not need to worry about incisions, stitches or even scarring.  It is the perfect alternative to going under the knife and having plastic surgery, as it is completely non-invasive.  In fact, you do not need to even go to a hospital at any point for Botox® injections.  London City Skin Clinic are more than qualified to handle everything from the initial consultation to the actual application of the treatment, and the after-care you receive when the treatment has been completed.

There is therefore less complications, and it will disrupt your life less than some other more intensive procedures and treatments.


While the anti-ageing benefits of Botox® are probably the reason you are here in the first place, they should still be highlighted.  If you find looking in the mirror is becoming more disheartening, and you notice more lines and wrinkles appearing, there are options such as Botox® to make a quick improvement.The injections reduce the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing your facial muscles which gives your skin a smoother look.

Botox® treatment –  It’s Not Permanent

What if you decide you do not like the results of Botox®?  The great thing about this type of treatment is that although it often has striking and very noticeable effects, Botox® differs to plastic surgery in that the treatment does not give you permanent results.  It lasts for approximately 4 to 6 months and if you like the results, you only need to have the injections two to three times a year; if you don’t like the results, the effects will wear off.

Botox® for Excessive Sweating Treatment (Hyperhidrosis)

This is perhaps the most intriguing of all the benefits of Botox® treatment and not one that may people appear to know about.  Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) can affect both men and women and can be an embarrassing problem. This condition may force people to change their clothes frequently, limit their social and professional life, and affect their confidence.

Hyperhidrosis is caused by overactivity in the sweat glands, which produces sweat in greater amounts than the body actually needs for temperature regulation. Excessive sweating can occur at any time, while you are in a cold or hot environment, while you are calm, restful or with stress and anxiety.

This is a surprisingly common problem, yet it is undertreated because of lack of awareness and its embarrassing nature. Even simply shaking hands can become uncomfortable, making business and day-to-day life a problem.

The Botox® enters the sweat glands blocking the nerve signals that control sweat glands, without affecting other nerve functions. The treatment is very effective and our team are highly skilled in delivering this form of treatment.

It is always important when you are considering any kind of treatment, be it surgical or non-surgical that you consider the side effects.  While Botox® treatment is not dangerous, you may experience swelling and bruising; though this does not take too long to subside.  If you are worried about the side effects or anything else connected to Botox® treatment, London City Skin Clinic will be happy to answer all your queries.

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